New athlete profile: Roman Malkov and Zezva Liluashvili

Story by Martina Devetak, Saint Reporter 

Image courtesy of Roman Malkov and Zezva Liluashvili

Fall is already here and as students are getting busier with their homework, athletes are starting their respective seasons. Besides having great American athletes, Aquinas recruited a few international students, too.

One of the newest members of the Aquinas men’s basketball team is an international student from Georgia, Zezva Liluashvili, also known as Z. Z is currently a junior and a transfer student from Sandhill’s in North Carolina where he played for two seasons. Before coming to the states, Z used to play for pro clubs in his native country. According to him, the biggest difference between playing for a pro team and a college team are practices. He says that the practices are much more intense at Aquinas than in a pro atmosphere.

When asked about why he decided to come to Aquinas Z said, “Aquinas College gave me a great opportunity to combine the sport I love and study the major I am passionate about.” He is currently a Sport Management/Business Administration Dual Major. After graduation Z hopes to go back to Georgia and work in the sports field.

Z believes that Aquinas men’s basketball will make it to Nationals in Texas this year again and can not wait for the start of the 2017-2018 season.

Another Global student is Roman Malkov, who comes to America from Russia. Roman is a goalkeeper for the Aquinas men’s hockey team. Before joining the team, he played in Detroit and Ohio. Roman loves practices here and says that there is a great balance between fun and hard work. “Get the cup,” was Roman’s answer when asked about his expectations for the upcoming season. He is also excited to build a strong relationship with his current teammates.

Roman chose Aquinas because when he visited for a first time he fell in love with the nature on campus and felt very welcomed by other students. “I love to be a part of a team and the Aquinas community in general,” Roman said. “I am sure it’s going to be a great year.”

Aquinas College is proud to become home not only to American students but also to students from around the world. Check out the schedule on the website ( and be sure to come out and support them.

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