“Star Wars” still hopeful


Story by Ashley Bolek, Reporter
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For two years, I have been speculating what was going to happen in “Star Wars Episode VIII.” I wrote an article and I have watched many videos of theories. I was 100 percent convinced my theories were right and that I was going into this movie with confidence. Then, I was wrong, and I was happy I was wrong.

For people who do not know what “Star Wars” is, it is a movie franchise that started back in the late 1970s by George Lucas about a boy who finds out he has the ability to control “the force”. So when Disney announced that they were making sequels to this beloved series, many were skeptical after the prequels of the early 2000s. Without going into spoilers, here is a synopsis of the latest movie.

Episode VIII, “The Last Jedi,” follows where Rey left off in “The Force Awakens,” finding Luke Skywalker on an uncharted island. The problem is, Luke is not exactly what Rey was hoping to find. The story also follows the Resistance in an attempt to run slowly away from the First Order.  The story was not quite what people wanted, but I think it was successful.

For me, all the risks that Rian Johnson took ended up paying off in the end. It is hard to really defend this statement without going into spoilers, but personally, this movie felt a lot like “The Empire Strikes Back” with the mood. People who say these movies should be all about hope think this movie is all about failure and does not fit with the Star Wars theme. But “Empire” was also all about the failure. Han was stuck in carbonite, Leia had just lost her love, and Luke had lost his hand while finding out his father is not the man he thought he was. That is not hopeful. That is showing that failure does happen, but out of it, hope can come.

I also absolutely adore the new characters in the series and was glad to see such a great hand-off from the older generation to the newer generation. The new characters were such a breath of fresh air and they were set up much better than the prequels’ characters. Rey has become my favorite character, even after years of loving Han Solo. I have loved her storyline and I am so thankful that girls have another powerful woman to look up to. It has been a joy seeing little girls at the movie theatre dressed as Rey.

It is hard to talk about my favorite moment of this movie because it is a big spoiler, so I will talk about the score. I have been a fan of John Williams since I first watched “Harry Potter,” and he once again impressed me with music. The integration of Luke’s theme into Rey’s is beautiful and  adds to the scenes. There are times I would start crying because Leia’s theme would overlay her scenes and especially at the one point when Leia’s and Luke’s themes combined.

This is also a great finale for Carrie Fisher. I am glad that they did not take out any of her scenes and kept all her scenes real. It does make me question what they are going to do in Episode IX, but I hope whatever they do for her is beautiful.

I would personally give this movie a 90 percent rating because yes, there are flaws, but overall, I believe it to be the second-best Star Wars movie. I have also retired from making predictions of the next movie because as much as I love being proven wrong, for once, I want to go in with a clear mind. Star Wars has been a great part of my life and I am so excited to see where they will take us next. May the Force be with you!

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