AQ Artist Spotlight: Tom Doetsch


Story by Noel Ramos, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Tom Doetsch

Imagine walking through a beautiful trail. The birds are chirping, the air is warm yet cool, a soft breeze is blowing and the leaves on the ground are starting to swirl.  As you’re walking, the breeze turns into a beautiful, powerful wind.  As you feel it push against you, you begin to think about nature, human nature. The concepts of what we do and how we do it, group dynamics, and how people communicate or perhaps don’t communicate. These are the kinds of things that inspire Tom Doetsch.  

Tom is an AQ senior who is graduating in May with a degree in English with a Writing Emphasis.  He is also minoring in Sociology and English Literature.  So, what makes Tom so special?  He was recently published in Z Publishing’s Michigan’s Best Emerging Poets.

When asked about how he felt about it, he says “It feels liberating, this was my first publication outside of the AQ Sampler, which feels good, not to downgrade the Sampler but having something published in the outside world is fulfilling.”  

Michigan’s Best Emerging Poets also features writing from AQ alums Amanda Avella, Miranda Burel, Hannah Fowler, Anna Kenny, and Natalie Smith.

On top of his poems, he’s also written a novel called The Phoenix, which is approximately 170 pages.  He is currently revising and editing it and says he’ll be looking for a publisher soon, so be on the lookout.

“I hope to eventually end up in publishing, but a position in editing, social media/marketing would be good,”  Tom comments on his future plans.

It’s not always about writing though, he also enjoys getting his bike on as well as playing a range of card games– everything from Euchre to Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Tom’s advice for aspiring writers? “Write and read. I know life gets in the way a lot but you need to be writing and reading as much as possible. Don’t be a writer. Be writing.”

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