Another heartfelt Hozier hit: “Nina Cried Power” does not disappoint

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Story by Macayla Jones, Reporter
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Well known for soulful songs like “Take Me to Church,” “Work Song” and the fun-loving “Someone New,” Irish-born musician Hozier has graced the radio waves since 2013. Now, he’s harmonic as ever as he details the ups and downs of relationships in his newest EP, “Nina Cried Power.” Below I give my honest opinion on how each song made me feel, and my interpreted meaning. However, music is different for everyone and speaks to us in many unique ways, so I encourage you to give it a listen in your own free time. From one music lover to another, thanks for reading!

1. “Nina Cried Power”
This thrilling anthem features Hozier’s soulful vocals and a strong raspy rock ’n’ roll element, and Hozier mentions several people calling out for power. Hozier’s voice becomes more and more passionate as he continues to reach into your soul, while also mentioning famous people like James Brown, during his chilling chorus.  It’s almost as if the power of generations and the wisdom of elders is all coming together. This gives him strength to claim power over his life and choices as well.

2. “NFWMB”
Hozier’s low melodic chords fill the verses with a smooth, relaxing tone as he describes how his lover’s heart belongs to him. He then moves on to words of admiration for his love by saying, “The best of you belongs to me,” then continues to swear to protect her from her enemies, hence the title of the song “Nothing F***** With My Baby.” His lyrics are a little on the darker side, but it’s also sweet because it’s as if he would burn down the world for her– and who doesn’t love a knight in shining armor?

3. “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)”
Fresh finger snaps and exciting electric guitar make you want to dance during the beginning of this hymn. It almost has an old school feel to it, and Hozier’s powerful voice echoing in the background perfects the scene. In this song, Hozier gracefully proclaims the power of just a kiss; through all the bad, in that moment of silence, everything seems alright, and that’s power in itself. No one else’s opinion matters, it’s just two people in that moment.

4. “Shrike”
Beautiful, Ed Sheeran-esque, Irish vibes greet the listener in this lovely, heartfelt ballad. As the song plays on, the listener feels Hozier’s regrets of the actions he didn’t take while looking back at a past relationship. A clever guitar strings in the background, as Hozier’s voice grows deep with emotion and memories. He misses the goodness of his past love’s soul and fears that his goodness will leave with her. After looking back, Hozier concludes this personal diary reflecting on how he is forever changed for the better because of their relationship.


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