Exciting Times Ahead for our New Men’s Volleyball Team

Story by Martina Devetak, Saint Reporter

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One of the most exciting events for Aquinas athletics this year is the introduction of a new men’s volleyball team. I had an amazing opportunity to interview head coach Rick Schroeder and a couple players: Josh Evers and Will Donald.

One of the first things Coach Schroeder was excited about was to see all 19 guys on campus as most of them come from outside the state (players come from California, Florida and Nebraska). “I am happy to say that most of them already call AQ home” said Schroeder. “It’s also been great to see both teams (women and men) battle together.”

“The women’s team were very excited to meet the newcomers and I also started noticing both of my teams doing things together outside the gym and volleyball court” he added.

When asked about what challenges can occur for the team throughout the season, Schroeder’s immediate response was “keeping all of the boys here when winter shows up (laughs).”

Schroeder thinks that although the team is seeing new energy at the moment, one of the hardest things to achieve will be maintaining the hard work for the whole year. However, Coach is already shooting for qualifying for Nationals in Iowa during spring season and is confidently stating that “the team is gonna be good this year”.

As mentioned earlier, I also had an opportunity to interview two players, Josh Evers and Will Donald. Both are juniors who transferred from California and actually played against each other in high school back home. Donald is excited for his season here in Michigan. He can’t wait to play new teams and as he said “to make it famous here”. Evers is also excited about his first season in AQ and can’t wait to play in a new team.

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Pictured: Josh Evers, one of the new recruits, is brimming with excitement ahead of the new season

Both players have high expectations for themselves and their other team members. Evers says: “I expect everyone to give 100% work rate. Maybe we don’t succeed the first time, but the most important thing is to keep trying”.

“We’ll be good”. says Donald. “Hopefully, all of our hard work will lead us to Nationals in our first season and I am excited to see the court chemistry between all the new players”.

Overall, I am sure that not only the coach and the players, but the whole of AQ is excited to see this new team succeeding this year. Let’s show them our support during their games in spring season and as always: Go Saints!

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