AQ Theatre Prepares for “Dracula”


Emily Bolek and Brock Gabbert rehearse a scene.

Just in time for Halloween, AQ Theatre will be presenting “Dracula,” October 11-14. Those who are familiar with Bram Stoker’s classic novel will know that “Dracula” tells the tale of a bloodthirsty monster who travels to Europe to feast on new prey. Complete with classic love stories, a rich plot, and a timeless villain, “Dracula” looks to be a successful show.


Emily Bolek, Tanner Kosten, and Emma West prepare for “Dracula.”

The actors begin with memorizing their lines and then rehearsing them a few weeks before opening night. The rest of the crew prepare through creating the set, making new costumes and other such details that are imperative to the success of the show. Each show night, the actors go through a series of exercises while the rest of the crew sets up the props and scenery. “Usually the actors show up early to get into costume and we do warm ups every night, then the fight call, and then sometimes an intimacy call because there’s a lot of touching in the show,” said Stage Manager Ashley Bolek.


Danata Paulino rehearses.

After viewing a rehearsal of “Dracula,” the show looks to be a promising success for AQ Theatre. Complete with a dedicated crew with a bundle of raw talent, “Dracula” is worth a view. “Dracula” will be presented in the Performing Arts Center Oct. 11 through Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. and on Oct. 14 at 2 p.m.


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