Global Students at AQ

Story by Martina Devetak, Reporter
Photos courtesy of Apolline Chefdor, Livia Quartieri, and Elmar Koster

This year, Aquinas College became a new home not only for many US citizens but also for more than fifteen global students. I had an amazing opportunity to talk with a couple of them: Livia Quartieri (from Italy), Apolline Chefdor (from France) and Elmar Koster (from Netherlands). All of them are freshmen in college and seem to enjoy the States a lot so far.


Apolline Chefdor

“I love America for how diverse it is and I am so excited to explore all the states, because visiting each of them seems like visiting a new country,” says Apolline.

When I asked about what they like about AQ the most, Elmar and Livia had similar answers. “I like students here a lot, they all seem very friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed from the very first day I arrived,”says Livia.

“I think people here are very kind and establish strong relationships from the very beginning, comparing to home where most people are more individualistic,” Elmar adds.

unnamed (1)

Livia Quartieri

Speaking about differences between countries, the biggest, according to the three global students, are: the food (“Italian food is way better,” says Livia) and the different university system, including the fact that back in Europe, students don’t have the opportunity to live on campus, so as Apolline said: “It’s a total new way of living for me!”

It’s been only a couple weeks since internationals arrived to AQ but each of them already have a favorite memory. For example, Livia enjoyed Homecoming a lot. “I loved the opportunity to meet people who already graduated from Aquinas. I think it’s another great way to create connections here and just seeing all the people reuniting was great.”

unnamed (2)

Elmar Koster

Elmar’s favorite memory was when he explored Michigan beaches for the first time: “I’ve heard that lakes are great here in Michigan, but I did not expect to see such a beauty only thirty minutes away from my campus.”

Apolline, on the other hand, enjoys exploring the surroundings of the city with other AQ students and has already even gone on a trip to Chicago!

Overall, global students are happy to become a part of AQ community and can’t wait for all the adventures which await them! If you are interested in discovering more about foreign cultures, make sure to join the new Multi-Cultural Club where you also will have an opportunity to meet and talk with all the other global students. The club is also organizing a bunch of cultural events so feel free to stop by the weekly meetings in AB155 on Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.!

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