Corgis in the Park 2018: A treat for all

Story by Abi Safago, Saint Reporter
Photos courtesy of Abi Safago


Pictured: Hammond and Eleanor, Ghostbusters

On October 27, the annual “Corgis in the Park” event hosted by Chow Hound happened at Riverside Park. This happens to be one of the cutest events in the area every October, just before Halloween.

Other than bringing dog lovers from all around West Michigan together, this event helps raise money for Paws with a Cause, an organization that trains dogs for people with specific needs for their disabilities. This event is not only fluffy and full of happy dogs, but also brings joy to many.

During this event, a costume contest brings a little more fun to this chilly fall season. From dogs dressed as Ghostbusters, to Captain America, to a loaf of Wonderbread, this event was a sight to see.

Among these dogs were some absolute stunners. One, named Winston, was a bit shy around other corgis (as one would be) but was running around happy as can be with other breeds of dogs. This event was not exclusive to just corgis, but also featured chihuahuas, labrador retrievers, as well as some labradoodles.


Pictured: Winston (in blue), and friend


Pictured: Alfie, five months old, dressed as a cookie sandwich

There were many dogs in and out of costumes, and some owners dressed up with their corgis to make the event a little more fun. One woman, Alyssa Mester, dressed up as a glass of milk to match her five-month-old corgi named Alfie. Mester stated she did originally try to make the cookie costume for her pup, however when time came short she ended up buying the costume so they could make sure they matched.

Just when midterms in classes had knocked us down, the dogs at this event running around and having fun reminds us of good things. One, that dressing up for Halloween can be absolutely adorable. Two, that being surrounded by dogs is one way to make anyone’s day. Lastly, three: donating to Paws for a Cause can greatly help many. All around, for a total energy boost, this was the place to be while Aquinas’s Fall Break came to an end. For more information on Corgis in the Park, check it out on Facebook. For information and donations to Paws with a Cause, check them out at

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