Food for Thought: #HimToo

National Sunglasses Day (1)Story by Macayla Jones, Reporter

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For years now, the #MeToo movement has been a resource to those affected by sexual violence. It was founded by Tarana Burke in 2006. However, in 2017 the hashtag became more popular, and the movement more recognized, as various celebrities took to social media to show their support. The #MeToo movement exists to give a voice to the millions of individuals that may feel scared, broken, destroyed, or as if they’re unable to move past whatever happened to them. Earlier this month, a similar looking hashtag stirred up conversation; the #HimToo movement. A mother took to Twitter after her son was allegedly scared to date girls from the fear of being falsely accused of date rape. Her son later disavowed that statement, but nonetheless it started a viral conversation.

I believe the #HimToo movement was created out of a misunderstanding that blew up because of the social and political climate that we live in today. Now the world is focusing on an issue that I think is overshadowing the bigger picture. The #HimToo movement is asking– are men being falsely accused? Are survivors making this up for attention or because it’s popularized? Now I can’t speak for everyone, however how many people do you know that would make up being sexually abused and/or assaulted just for attention? The #MeToo movement was set in place to help survivors in need of support after their attack because it leaves a scar. How many more people must be taken advantage of before we as a society can wake up and take action against those that attack them? Yes, it will take time. No, it won’t be easy. But isn’t it worth it?

Why is it so difficult for our society to accept that fact and work together instead of against each other? We need to stop making excuses and believe the survivors that come forward. Those who commit sexual assault need to be stopped and brought to justice no matter their gender.

I understand that not all men are committing acts of sexual violence, but for the men that are, the #HimToo movement seems like an excuse to help them escape the consequences of their actions. There are real, strong, powerful individuals being attacked, and we’re focused on “what ifs” instead of the evidence we can see, physically and emotionally from the survivors. Until we can get to the point of accepting that people are hurting from inappropriate sexual actions we will waste time and resources going back and forth. We won’t change a thing.

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