Big Ben and big adventures: London program aims to enhance student experiences


Story by Macayla Jones, Reporter
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The Aquinas College Advantage Center is offering new opportunities for students with an exciting additional study abroad destination. Now, students can travel to London through our connected institution, St. Mary’s University.

“We are excited about the new partnership that enables students to spend a semester in England,” said Professor John Brewer in an article published by St. Mary’s University. Brewer is the pro vice-chancellor for Global Engagement at the institution. “We hope their lives are positively impacted living in London experiencing British culture,” said Brewer.

London is one of the many intriguing places Aquinas has added to their study abroad programs. The Advantage Center is eager to enhance student’s learning and future through these programs. There are many enriching experiences and benefits involved with studying abroad including being immersed into a foreign culture, growing academically through school and internships, and living with a British family.

“The creation of the London program has been instrumental to our continued growth in our global portfolio,” said Timothy Ramsay, director of International Programs & Services at Aquinas.

Utilizing the broader scope of destinations offered helps students grow into the best versions of themselves they can be.

“England has been consistently a top destination for American students and now Aquinas has its footprint in the London market” said Ramsay.

Seven students from Aquinas were sent to London in conjunction with St. Mary’s University this semester, where they will be studying for four months. London is the perfect place to plan your next semester abroad if you want to go somewhere without the extra stress and/or pressure of needing to know or learn a foreign language. You can focus on your studies while exploring this amazing new city you get to call home.

“The program is open to all Aquinas students in good academic plus judicial standing (cumulative 2.5 or higher),” said Ramsay. “A wide range of academic courses are offered every fall, and courses can be taken for students’ major/minor or in order to fulfill Gen Ed requirements.”

Receiving an education that not only crosses state, but international borders is so crucial to students now. It can open up their eyes and really show a bigger picture of how the world works/other people live. Only positive responses have been heard from everyone that has taken that extra leap into the unknown.

Global education, especially now, is so crucial for a connected world. The time is now” said Ramsay.

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