Counterpoint: Against Legalizing Marijuana

Counter point

Story by Danielle Porter, Reporter

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

In the past few days, marijuana has become legalized in the state of Michigan.

Why am I against the legalization of marijuana?

I understand that many individuals believe that the legalization of marijuana will bring benefits to society. They feel there will be less incarceration. However, people may fail to realize the impact of marijuana on the decency of society.

The Republican Civic Ideal, also known as civic republicanism, is a philosophy used by Plato, Aristotle and other philosophers. It addresses respect and decorum within a society. The thought stresses the individual and the common good. Marijuana lowers the decency of society because it harms both an individual and those around them.

Marijuana is a drug that is widely used both medically and recreationally among individuals. Though it seems that the drug is not directly harmful to society, the indirect consequences should be looked at. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has basic facts regarding the use of marijuana, and how it affects an individual’s life. It influences an individual’s chances for addiction, their brain health, mental health, and many other aspects of life.

Upon reading about the effect of marijuana on the brain, it will become clear that the drug directly affects this vital organ. This leads to “short-term problems with attention, memory, and learning, which can affect relationships and mood” (Center of Disease Control and Prevention).

The long-term effects of the drug deal with the development of the brain particularly with children, teens and young adults. The brain is a vital organ that helps one with the decision-making process. Marijuana hinders the ability to make decisions, which harms the decency standard of our society. An example of this would be when individuals have to deal with secondhand smoke from someone using the drug.

The CDC reported that chemicals found in marijuana are similar to the same chemicals found in tobacco. Imagine an individual breathing in the secondhand smoke of a marijuana user out in public at a gas station. The person smoking is not the only one prone to the effects of the drug. The person who is breathing the secondhand smoke is impacted as well. Clean air is a necessity in society. Oxygen is necessary for the brain to work properly and make the correct decisions.

Marijuana affects society’s standard of decency, which can impose many foreseen and unforeseen consequences. This may harm our society and the common good.




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