Food for thought: stay in your lane

Stay in Your Lane

Story by Esperanza Garcia, Columnist

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

Twitter is a social media site that has been known as a place to talk about our interests, whether that be our beliefs about pineapple on pizza or politics — specifically gun control.

The issue of gun control is, for the most part, a polarizing one. Given the frequency of mass shootings, it is discussed often. Over the course of the past several weeks, doctors have been the ones at the forefront of the conversation, proving that fighting for gun control is in their lane — contrary to the NRA’s beliefs.

While the topic of gun control has been discussed by many, doctors are among a small group of individuals in the medical field to speak out in favor. It makes sense; they are the ones that tend to the victims of shootings. They put all of their efforts into ensuring that their patients survive. They are the ones working to resuscitate  victims and send them home safely.  Apart from the family members of victims, doctors are the ones that are dealing with the direct aftermath of shootings, and the health issues that the aftermath can cause.

Doctors can also be victims.

This past week, on Nov. 20, a shooting occurred at Chicago Mercy Hospital. Among the victims were a doctor and a pharmacy resident.

The exchange on Twitter between the NRA and doctors had only happened a week prior.

An NPR tweet informing about the shooting prompted many people to respond that one of the victims was Dr. Tamara O’Neal, a critical care specialist.

“This was Dr. O’Neal’s lane, and she died in it,” Andi Zeisler, a Twitter user, quote tweeted. They’re right. Public health safety is what being a doctor is about. They have every right to see an issue such as gun violence, something that sends many people to the hospital and takes many lives, and voice their concern. Especially if it helps take the measures necessary for public safety.

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