Christmas tunes: How soon is too soon?


Christmas tunes_ How soon is too soon_.pngStory by Sam Stevenson, Columnist

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

The beginning of December ushers in the season of snow, the hope for a great new year on the horizon and, of course, Christmas. The holiday seems to be celebrated the whole month, as we wait patiently for December 25 to arrive so we can be greeted with gifts under the tree. This time of year, also brings in a holiday-themed debate: When is the right time to play Christmas music?

The two sides of this debate are heavily discussed as soon as Halloween is over. For some people, the start of November is when the Christmas season begins and when the music should be played. Other people believe that Thanksgiving should be more of a priority first and avoid holiday music on the radio. The epic struggle between these two sides is anything but holly and jolly.

It seems that the case for waiting until Thanksgiving is over seems more valid. If you’re one who celebrates holidays in chronological order, Thanksgiving does come first. The holiday is a busy one, with people trying to gather enough food for relatives. Who has time to focus on another holiday? Christmas music would only cause more stress- one holiday at a time, please!

Another reason why it may be best to hold up on the Christmas music is that there really isn’t a lot to begin with. Modern songwriters and singers tend to make their own version of original songs, rather than writing their own. By choosing not to wait till closer to the holiday, Christmas fans will soon get sick of by the time December 1 rolls around.

Playing Christmas music early also puts pressure on people to get into Christmas mode. It’s the same as when Christmas decorations begin to appear during October; it’s too early to try and push a holiday on people. By trying to force its way into people’s minds early, Christmas music makes people feel less excited for the holiday; it drains their excitement for it because they feel forced to begin celebrating it.

Andy Williams says it best when he sings “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Christmas is a season meant to be joy-filled, as long as its cheery music is saved for the right time: the day after Thanksgiving.


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