Throwback Thursday: “Big”


Story by Anna-Jo Stuart, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

This week, it’s a throwback to the 80s with the nostalgic film “Big,” starring Tom Hanks. Released in 1988 this movie grossed nearly 200 million dollars, received two Oscar nominations and Tom Hanks took home a Golden Globe for Best Actor. “Big” remains a classic 30 years later, especially with its iconic walking piano scene.

The movie follows the story of 13 year old John Baskin. After being embarrassed in front of his crush at a carnival for being too small, John makes a wish to be “big.”As a result, John wakes up the next morning no longer a teen, but in an adult’s body. With the help of his teenage friend, John begins to navigate the adult world and lands a job with a toy company. At first John wants nothing more than to become a teenager again, but after building a life as an adult he becomes comfortable in his new role. Will he stay big, or become 13 years old again?

This movie is perfect for those of us who aren’t the Grinch, yet are not quite ready to jump straight into the Christmas movie vault. This film, while lacking all the explicit Christmas references, does have all the feel-good vibes related to the season. There’s childhood nostalgia, family love, close friendships, and of course toys. This comedy-drama is sure to start thawing out your heart in preparation for the holidays, while also giving you a good laugh. Plus then you can recreate the walking piano scene and actually understand how amazing it truly is.


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