New boys on the block: Men’s Volleyball off to perfect start

By Sam Stevenson, Reporter

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It all started with a bump, a set, and a spike.

Aquinas College is notoriously famous for its multiple collegiate teams on campus. The college participates in the Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference within the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes. It comes as no surprise then that the school has added a new spring team, the men’s volleyball team.

Starting a new program requires serious recruitment. A volleyball team starts with six players on the court. The roster consists of 19 total players, 14 of which being freshmen recruited last season and the remaining five are transfers from other programs.

The biggest concern about starting a new team is how successful they will be in their first few years. The volleyball schedule is jam-packed with a lot of games, and the men’s team consists of 39 total matches and multiple tournaments.

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No worrying here, however, as the volleyball team has gone on an impressive start to the season, winning their first nine games, including their solo home game. They are overall 1-0 in conference play, securing a victory against Siena Heights University.

Their first game occurred on Friday, Jan. 11, as the team cruised past Olivet College 3-1. Freshman Joshua Boothroyd led the team with 16 kills. Junior Will Donald and freshman Daniel Littleton each had a pair of blocks as well. This win came from the Michigan Men’s Volleyball Invitational, for which the Saints went 4-0.

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The Saints kept rolling as they hosted their first game in the program’s history and secured the win on Jan. 17th versus Olivet College. It was a quick 3-0 win, as the team averaged 4.0 blocks, 37 total digs, and 11 aces.

Their latest victory against Siena Heights secured them as the number eight seeded team overall in the NAIA. In fact, the team has dominated their schedule. Volleyball games consist of a best of five matches play, and the majority of the team’s victories have been 3-0 in match play.

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The team does not have a lot of home games, as they are not scheduled to play again in Grand Rapids until Feb. 19th against Robert Morris University, which will be followed by two more home, conference games against Siena Heights University and Lawrence Technological University in late February.

The team plays with a high amount of energy and are here to prove that they are here to change the norm here for Aquinas College sports, as they hope to gain more support as their series of success and wins hopefully continues.


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