Throwback Thursday: Earth, Wind & Fire


Story by Macayla Jones, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Bored from studying? Listen to this album. Stuck inside from the snow with the same playlist you have already heard a dozen times? Listen to this album. Want a karaoke session with your friends? Listen to this album. This album checks all the boxes and dots all the “i”s. This masterpiece is Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits.  All of the songs people have loved over the years from EW&F, collected into one special 17-song collection.

Not only does anything this group touches turn to gold, but this album ensures complete longing for the listener to want to get up and dance. The music provides the listener the perfect mix of R&B and soul that makes you feel good. It almost feels as if you are stepping back into time, having a mini disco in your head. Music from this era is so pure because it’s not overly autotuned, obnoxious, or filled with swear words and drugs. It is music created by a group of friends to spread love, dance, joy, and good vibes. The world can always use a little more positivity, and music is a powerful outlet to express that passion.

Below I have added my top 5 favorite songs from the album. I encourage you to give them a listen, you won’t be disappointed. Then after you adore those bops, there’s a whole album for you to enjoy!


1. September


I cannot listen to this song without moving my head, humming the words, and feeling content. This straight bop reminisces on the good days in September, where a man spent his time with his love and there was not a cloudy day. Life was simple, happy, and bright.


2. Let’s Groove


This song’s sole purpose is about letting your hair down, grooving, enjoying life, and forgetting about all your worries. There’s not room for being anxious about the small things, and/or things you cannot control. Life is about love and living your best life. You’re too blessed to be stressed.


3. Sing a Song


This song purely exists to encourage the listener to sing a song, get up and dance, and lift up your spirits. Trumpets, guitars, and a steady beat keeps the vibe a positive, happy, head bopping tune.


4. That’s the Way of the World


This slow groove is like a calming sea, moving the listener to a sweet peaceful place. 10/10 recommend for chilling or studying in bed.


5. Boogie Wonderland (with The Emotions)


High intensity keeps the listener on their toes… in the best possible way. Joined by girl group The Emotions, this is the perfect karaoke song that will leave your heart singing.

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