Movie Magic: Why movie theatres are still thriving today


Photo courtesy of We Hear 

Story by Kelsey Dassance, Columnist

Flip phones. Dial-up internet. Blockbuster. These things are pretty much obsolete and all considered part of the past. With the relatively low price of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and the rising ticket price at the movie theatre, people are beginning to think that a trip to the movies will soon join the list of things of the past. Additionally, the Netflix Original, Roma, set records over the weekend for being the first movie from a streaming platform to win an Oscar. This begs the question: why pay more than $10 for a movie ticket when you could watch it from your couch?

I’m glad you asked! I believe there are a few reasons. As someone who frequents the movies pretty often, I am a firm believer that there’s something valuable about watching a film for the first time on the big screen. It’s not just the delicious popcorn or sweet candy that make it worthwhile; it’s the surround sound, the cinematic screen, and the (hopefully)  distraction-free environment. These features allow for a more captivated audience. After all, movies aren’t just meant to be watched. It’s all about the experience

Going to the movies gives viewers the opportunity to watch a film the way it was meant to be viewed. With the rise of streaming films such as Netflix Originals, it’s easy to weigh the options and settle on a night-in on your couch rather than going out to the theater. However, going to the movies supports creators by financing the movie industry and supporting their work in an atmosphere that amplifies their innovation and creativity.  

So although many people don’t see the point in taking a trip to the movies these days, I would argue that there’s plenty of reasons to spend the night out at the theatre. Even if you don’t see the magic in movie theatre popcorn and the cinema experience, you can still purchase tickets and support the creativity of movie makers and the film industry. Filmmakers should continue to be recognized for their work in the industry – regardless of platform – but innovation should not take away from the experience that embodies a trip to the movie theater.

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