Regina Hall dumpsters moved

Photo of location where dumpsters used to be. The dumpsters are gone, but trash bags remain being placed there.

Story by Elizabeth Walztoni, Staff Writer 
Photo courtesy of Twitter/@reflect_ev

The dumpsters between Regina Hall East and the Cook Carriage house were recently relocated to Apartment D. They received recycling, compost, and trash from Regina Hall and the Cook Carriage House/Moose Cafe.

According to Housekeeping Director Doug Greenslate, the move was suggested by the Grounds department as a solution to cleanliness problems. Greenslate cited several issues factoring into the decision. Residents of on-campus apartments were no longer taking out their trash or utilizing the waste collection areas. Employees of the Moose Cafe would sometimes place bags in the wrong dumpsters or simply leave them on the ground. He added that pickup by trash trucks was a scheduling issue: the trucks would often arrive too early in the morning, before the day’s collection. The weight of the trucks also caused damage to the central campus roads they took to reach the dumpster, which would be expensive to repair.

Overall, Greenslate said that the Regina East dumpster was “convenient, but an eyesore,” and a “squirrel attractor.”

He added that the move was convenient for Grounds while presenting no additional cost. Trash trucks no longer drive through the center of campus, which is seen as a safety advantage. Housekeeping also took into consideration the capacities of the various waste collection spaces on campus and the frequency with which they were dumped.

Employees of the Moose Cafe, who took out waste to the Regina East location, expressed some frustration with the process. They were not officially notified of the change when it happened; one worker brought a bag of compost to the dumpster, only to find that the dumpster had disappeared. Two cans were eventually provided at the back of building, one for recycling and one for compost, but there have been issues with overflow and loose waste.

Bagged trash is also left in the dumpster’s previous location on some mornings until it is collected by Housekeeping. Some waste remains in the area even after pickup. Greenslate said that this is only for an hour or two every morning, and overall provides a more visually appealing waste solution. Eventually, he said, “part of the sustainability movement is to eliminate the dumpster.”

The current system may be adjusted in the future, but the dumpster is unlikely to return. “It can be a headache if you don’t get the results you want,” he added.

About the Writer:

45198424_349831512435226_2338936578337931264_nElizabeth Walztoni is a sophomore majoring in Geography with a minor in writing. 

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