RSO Spotlight: CoHD


AQ students celebrate Mardi Gras at the Moose, sponsored by the CoHD

Story by Mackenzie Walters
Photo courtesy of CoHD

Aquinas offers many different ways to get involved around campus. One of these ways is to join student organizations, but they can often seem to be divided by interests, beliefs, race, etc. Kyprii Whitney, President of CoHD, says she wants her club to “bring those differences together and celebrate them as one.” CoHD stands for Celebration of Humanity’s Differences, and fittingly, their mission is to help people achieve a better understanding of each other’s cultures by celebrating them.

This year, CoHd has done this through events for The Day of The Dead, Chinese New Year, and Mardi Gras. They also have an event that they plan to host each semester called “Express Yourself.” At this event, individuals can perform anything they feel is talent representative of their culture. Some of these performances include karaoke, original songs and poetry.

CoHD has an email list to send out event reminders and notifications, but everyone is allowed and invited to attend their events. This supports their mission to include anyone and everyone, regardless of their differences.

Bella Ouellette, junior at Aquinas and Vice President of CoHd, is excited for the club’s growth. “I love being a part of something so unique and watching the club and overall acceptance of humanities and differences grow on campus.”

Abby Burke, Secretary, and Katelyn Macksoud, Treasurer, were both happy to join this club to learn about other cultures and to bring them all together with the events they put on.

This club is somewhat new to Aquinas, but isn’t going anywhere. Contact Kyprii Whitney, President, to learn more about the club and upcoming events.

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