“Lockdown” by the Alternative Acts Theatre Company: A different and powerful theatrical experience


Back row (l to r): Emily Cipriano, Devin Boxey, and Lauren Washburn  Front row (l to r): Tanner Kosten, Bryanna Lee, Danata Paulino and John VanWeezel

Story by Anna-JO Stuart, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Alternative Acts Theatre Company

The Alternative Acts Theatre Company at Aquinas just finished the run of their show “Lockdown,” a thirty-minute play dramatizing a high school lockdown in an intruder situation. It features multiple students and a teacher who are all unsure about what is happening in the school.

The set of the play was a classroom in the Theater Annex on campus. It was very dark in the room, with only enough seating for about thirty audience members. There were even periods of complete darkness. The setting created a feeling of being a part of the lockdown for the audience. The message of the show, along with the acting and setting, created an intense and powerful experience.

Ms. Karsh was played by Fatima Bawah. The cast of the students were John VanWeezel as Adam, Lauren Washburn as Sarah, Devin Boxey as Mark, Danata Paulino as Chelsea, Tanner Kosten as Tyler, Bryanna Lee as Liz, Emily Cipriano as Penny and Lauren Heyboer as the freshman. Finally, Kaeleb Cogswell was the voice of the PA system. All the actors put forth an amazing performance that uplifted the entire show.

The play was free to audience members. Alternative Acts instead requested that donations be made to the charity Sandy Hook Promise. This went along with the theme of the show, depicting the terrible nature of gun violence in our schools. This captivating performance hit home and will no doubt stay on viewers’ minds for the foreseeable future.

The Alternative Acts Theatre Company is an Aquinas student-founded organization that hopes to make a social impact through compelling performances. Find more about them on their facebook page. 

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