Khalid’s “Free Spirit” an opportunity for self-reflection


Story by Mackenzie Walters, Reporter
Photo courtesy Rolling Stone

Khalid released his second studio album, “Free Spirit”, on April 5, 2019. Although this would be the first time listeners had access to the full album, Khalid released “Talk,” “My Bad,” “Self,” and “Don’t Pretend” on earlier dates, going all the way back to February 7, when “Talk” was released as the album’s lead single.

The album also includes “Better” and “Saturday Nights,” both from Khalid’s 2018 Extended Play, “Suncity”.

On Spotify, “Talk” is rated the top track in this album, and has made the Global Top 50 list. 

Khalid has always had a talent for singing and incorporating different tracks into his music. His music usually falls under Contemporary R&B, however. His songs are similar in originality, but have a little bit of something for everyone’s taste.

Other than sound, his music addresses real-life issues and his experiences as an artist, specifically in this new album, “Free Spirit.”  His song “Self” talks about his trouble with self reflection, and how he is working on listening to his internal voice, even though he is afraid:

I ran away from love
It’s gettin’ hard for me to breathe
‘Cause the man that I’ve been runnin’ from is inside of me
I tell him, “keep it quiet”
So all he does is speak
‘Cause he wants to keep his distance
But it’s hard for him to leave
He knows I hear him cryin’
Cryin’ out for help
I don’t know how to save him
I can’t even save myself
There’s many people dyin’
I’ve always been afraid
Not that I’m scared of livin’
I’m scared of feeling pain

His song “Bad Luck” explains the loneliness he’s feeling as an artist. In the beginning of the song, he actually alerts people not to get close to him, because that’s when his walls come up. He is struggling with relationships with others, and himself.

And I don’t even like to think about it
On my own, but still so crowded
Walls come down and the guards come up
But there’s nowhere to run, I feel surrounded
Hurt feels better when I’m by myself
No one really means it when they’re wishing you well
I got no one to call, no one
And people only love you when they needin’ your wealth

Khalid’s music is easily relatable, with great sound. Because of the diversity in sound, his music is really suitable for anyone. It can be played as background music, music when you’re hanging out with your friends, in the car, or even wanting to do a bit of reflection on life as well.

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