Loving Taylor Swift’s “Lover”


Story by Kelsey Dassance, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

Just as the brisk fall weather marks a new season, Taylor Swift’s latest album marks a refreshing new era in her music. “Lover”, Swift’s seventh studio album and first album with Republic Records, boasts 18 new tracks studded with lyricism that surpasses many of her previous hits. Packed with the perfect balance of songs to dance or cry to, “Lover” easily lives up to and even exceeds expectations. 

Most notably, the opening track, “I Forgot That You Existed,” is unlike any Swift song yet released. It’s not about love, hate, heartbreak or any strong feelings in particular; it’s simply about indifference towards a person who broke your heart. Right off the bat, Swift seems to be closing the door to the vengeful sentiments of her previous album, “Reputation”. 

Following “Reputation”, it was unclear which direction the country-star-turned-pop-icon would take her music. “Reputation” brought songs of revenge and downfall as Swift narrated the dramatic events of 2017. While many fans celebrated this new era of snakes, seduction and revenge, others mourned the loss of classic Taylor, who sang about the woes of love, heartbreak and boys in chevy trucks. 

Although “Lover” lacks any mention of Chevy trucks or slamming screen doors, it includes just enough guitar strums to remind us of the old Taylor while showcasing fresh lyrics and unique melodies that testify to just how much Swift has grown. “Lover” is a culmination of her catalog, as it brings Swift’s unapologetic outlook and growth from “Reputation” and unites it with the heartfelt sentiments of her previous albums, while also introducing a beautiful sense of a new beginning.

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