Reasons to Fall for Fall

Untitled designStory by Abigail Safago, Columnist

Photos courtesy of pexels.com

Every year, the leaves change and everyone gets into a mood. People either love fall or can’t wait for it to be over. There’s hardly a gray area when it comes to seasons changing, as everyone has their favorites. If you aren’t a fan of fall, here are some reasons you should be.

The Food: Summer has ifallfoodts all-American classics that will always hit the spot—like burgers fresh off the grill, with chips or fresh fruit. Fall, however, takes the cake when it comes to comfort foods.  Stews, soups, pot pies, and the easiest crockpot recipes are sure to keep you and your soul warm. Plus, a warm plate in your hands on these chilly fall days definitely brightens the mood.



The Drinks: There’s nothing more soothing than holding a warm cup, full of your favorite drink. It’s even better when you’re holding it at a sports event, or just at home-snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite shows. For this reason, warm drinks falldrinksare the best during fall. While pumpkin spice lattes are at the top of everyone’s list during this time of year, there are some alternatives. Some of my favorite drinks are hot cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice hot chocolate, or even the cheesecake latte at Biggby!




The Clothes: This is where some people find it hard to love fall-—the outfit choices. Some people are more inclined to like summertime since it requires a minimal number of layers to be comfortable. However, there is good in these layers other than keeping you warm. Think of all the options your closet has now-—nfallclothesew horizons and pairings that summertime couldn’t have allowed because it was too hot. Plus, it’s the time of year to wear cute boots again and awesome fall accessories like scarves, mittens, and vests! You can also gear up and wear silly sweaters again too.






Colors and Photography: Even if you don’t like being the star of the photo, you can still appreciate fall colors. It’s one of the most vibrant times of the year with red, orange and yellow hues lighting the way. Even if the weather isn’t always warm these colors will make you feel it! Plus, there’s Golden Hour— the prettiest time of day for photos. Not only will you match the warm fall colors and tones, but you will also feel like you’re one with nature. If you’re looking for a road-trip for a day to see the best, check out the Tunnel of Trees in northern Michigan. You can also take M119 which was rated as the top scenic route in the state!

All in all, why shouldn’t you fall for fall? It is my favorite season for the countless cups of hot chocolate I can drink without shame, and for being able to snuggle up in blankets all day.  Tis’ the season for holiday drinks, perfect sunsets and the warmest colors of all,

Happy fall, y’all.

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