Studio Park is here: Grand Rapids opens multi-use development


Story by Joi Adams, Reporter
Photo by Anna Schlutt

Studio Park is packed with things to do and see, whether it’s catching a movie or enjoying a meal. It’s a new entertainment center located in downtown Grand Rapids. Studio Park has 12 restaurants and shops, a nine-screen theater, an outdoor piazza that seats 200, and to top it off, it’s also a home for people, as it includes 246 lofts and condos. 

It is no secret that Grand Rapids has needed a downtown theater, or at least another attraction, for quite some time. This $160 million project has taken 10 years of planning and 17 months of construction. John Loeks is the chairman of Studio C, the parent company of Celebration Cinema, which was the theater included in this development. Loeks says, “We tried to create a space that is welcoming to everyone, a space where there is always something going on.”

Although the entertainment complex has opened, other elements of Studio Park will be built in the coming months. Plans include a 155 room Canopy by the Hilton hotel.

There are a ton of things to do at Studio Park. From watching movies and shopping to just enjoying the community of downtown Grand Rapids, this is another community attraction everyone can participate in just by having fun. It will be a home for some, and a favorite spot for people to spend time with their friends or family. 

AQ students can stop by Studio Park on Tuesday nights to catch a $6 movie on Tuesdays. The theater seats recline and are heated! There is a tray to place your movie theater snacks right in front of you, so you don’t have to set them on the floor and risk knocking them over. And, the best thing yet, you don’t have to worry about downtown parking because they have a parking garage with validated parking for Studio Park customers.

I had the opportunity of seeing a movie there and it was a great experience. So go check out this cool new place; you definitely won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget—123 Ionia Ave. SW.

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