This is Halloween at Aquinas


A Halloween-themed dessert table at Wege

Story by Leah Ash, Reporter
Photos by Leah Ash

Halloween is a beloved holiday for multiple reasons. It celebrates the genre of horror, but it is also a great holiday for friends to get together and wear fun costumes, watch movies, eat candy and do more fun activities throughout the month of October. Aquinas had many Halloween-themed events happening on campus this year to help spread the spirit of the season. 

The S.P.A.R.K. Club had a spooky impromptu night, where speakers went up to give a speech, facing their fear of public speaking.


Water pong at Regina for “Handle Your BOO-ze”

Regina Hall hosted an alcohol awareness event, named “Handle Your BOO-ze,” where students could get spooky mocktails, test their balance while wearing the drunk goggles, and play many fun party games. It was a great night where people got to hang out and have delicious, spooky drinks without the dangers of alcohol.

In addition, many sports teams got into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up for their practices. This includes teams like women’s hockey, track and field, softball, and some others as well. 

On the actual day of Halloween, there were many fun things going on. Halloween began with the children from Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, located next to campus, coming to visit and trick or treat. It was a great opportunity to be a part of the community and to see all of the kids in their costumes.


Campus Safety’s annual Halloween party

Following that display, Campus Safety held its annual Halloween party at The Moose. It was a couple of hours filled with free apple cider, candy, t-shirts, doughnuts, and costumed students. There was also a costume contest, where students entered their costume for a chance to win a free parking permit—a much-desired prize. There were a wide variety of costumes including The Joker, a deer, witches, and many more.

When asked about the experience, freshman Chloe Mason said, “It was fun. It was great to see everybody get into the spirit of the spooky season.” Chloe had dressed up as a steampunk witch and was one of the contestants in the costume contest. 

Halloween at Aquinas wrapped up with a special holiday dinner held at Wege. The staff got spooky with the food, creating many themed treats for all the students to enjoy. It ranged from apple dentures to deviled eyes to monstrous desserts. Overall, Halloween here at Aquinas was filled with fantastic events that got everyone into the spirit of the holiday.

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