Kanye moves in a new direction with “Jesus is King”


Story by Joi Adams, Reporter
Photo courtesy

There’s no question that this particular album “Jesus is King” is different from what Kanye West has put out in the past, which is the usual upbeat hip hop numbers with a couple of features from fellow rappers. This album is different, starting with the genre changing from hip-hop/rap to a gospel feel.

Kanye West’s has undergone some major life changes that have inspired him to add to the gospel genre with this album. He has recently come back to his faith of Christianity. As his most recent albums do not talk about his faith or lifestyle, this is a new step for him. Through this album, West is all about spreading the good word, with the combination of secular music and gospel music.

Wests does this by bringing a choir in on most of his tracks to help bring that gospel feel. Gospel has had an influence on Kanye musically and spiritually. He conveys where he has been spiritually in songs like “God Is” and “Follow God.”

This album is quite artistic, in the way that it shows the journey of his career leading up to now. Musically, everything is cohesive. If you like different melodies and rap and rap with substance, his album is for you. Even if you don’t like Kanye West, this could be the album that changes your mind!

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