Athlete Spotlight: Eunice Eyamba


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By Joi Adams, Reporter

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Eunice Eyamba is a fifth-year student athlete at Aquinas College majoring in Psychology. She is also on the track team and has been for all four years. Eunice began running track as a hobby and was encouraged by her teachers and classmate to join the track team.

Eunice likes that the sport can be an outlet for her competitive side, and as an introvert, it is a way that she can express herself and come out of her shell. Through this sport, she is able to meet new people and form bonds. At competitions, there are always people congratulating one another.

Another reason she likes running track is that it keeps her physically fit, as fitness has always been a passion of hers. “Being on the Aquinas track and field team has made exercising not feel like a chore,” said Eyamba. Working out with her teammates is something she looks forward to daily.

When it comes to athletes that inspire her, she answered Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles. When asked why, she said, “Every time Simone Biles competes she seems to raise the bar even higher than the last time, because of her work ethic and resiliency to push the envelope which is why I admire her.”

When it comes to the sport itself there isn’t a guide on how to be a good athlete it is just taking care of the small things, such as taking warm-ups and stretching seriously, something that many athletes overlook, so one can perform well without injury. A quote Eyamba lives by is “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that is the only way you’ll see growth.”

Eunice is very excited for the upcoming season for Aquinas track and field, although it will be her last since she will be graduating in the spring. She is inspired to see what the future holds for her and keeps pushing every day.

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