Unpopular Opinion: Gift Cards Make Good Christmas Presents

Gift Cards Make Good Christmas Presents

Article by: Joi Adams, Columnist 

Photo Courtesy of Canva

It’s that time of year again, where people have to find a gift for their loved ones or friends. It can be a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” gift for someone, but what if there is no such thing? Gift cards can be a better option for a loved one than something you might have picked yourself just because you thought it would be something they liked.

What if you are gifted with something you honestly don’t like and it comes without a receipt? Then you’re stuck with a present you don’t have any use for. On the other hand, if you’re gifted a gift card, you would be able to choose something that you actually like and would use. 

Gift cards are something you can’t go wrong with. They’re suitable for anyone you choose to gift them to. It’s like you’re saying “Who knows what you like better than you?” You’re giving them the chance to actually receive the perfect gift.

When buying a specific present you worry about if the person will like the color, if it will fit or if they’ll even like it. All that stress is eliminated with a gift card because all you have to do is know where your person likes to shop. Do yourself a favor and relieve some of that holiday stress this year, skip the guessing games, and buy the people you love thoughtful gift cards.

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