Restaurant review: Sweet treats galore at Le Bon Macaron


Story by Abi Safago, Staff Writer
Photos courtesy of Le Bon Macaron

We’re past the biggest holidays now, and everyone is either going strong with their “new year new me” phase… or if you’re like me you’re still craving incredibly sweet things (and caving in). Instead of stocking up on delicious carb-loaded meals, let’s take a look into the best midday snacks from Le Bon Macaron. 

DSC_0316Personally, I couldn’t love this place more. Sure, you can buy macarons and scones at other bakeries and shops in Grand Rapids, but here they put extra love and attention into what they are making.

On top of having a warm atmosphere to their shop, it’s close to campus. It’s only 1.3 miles away, and under 10 minutes to drive there, which may be dangerous for everyone’s wallets or New Year’s resolutions.

Thankfully, Le Bon Macaron is relatively low priced. Some of the macarons are around $2 but can go up from there. For producing fresh and authentic macarons, it is incredibly affordable for a college student’s budget to treat yourself.

They’ve got flavors for every mood and can recreate a sense for you.

Sad? Try their Mimosa Macaron, which is packed with flavor thanks to the orange curds and champagne buttercream. 

Calm or wanting to relax? Their London Fog Macaron can bring you some peace; it’s filled and prepped with Earl Grey-infused buttercream and comes in the loveliest pastel color.

Tired? While they aren’t loaded with caffeine, their coffee (or mocha) macarons are bound to wake you up with deliciously sweet and balanced buttercream. 

Feeling good? Keep that feeling going with fruity flavors like Raspberry, Strawberry Swirl, or their Orange Cranberry. They’re sweet, luscious, and perfect to boost your mood.

Not sure where to start? Just go with classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or hazelnut. You’ll never get tired of these flavors and it leaves you open to wanting to try something more!

Stop waiting, start saving and treat yourself (or someone else, but mostly yourself) this semester. Make it a sweet, stress-free, and stunning spring.

IMG_4094   Abi Safago is a senior majoring in German and minoring in Journalism and Publications. Abi is also a published writer with Revue Magazine and is passionate about the impacts of bilingualism, sustainability, and the growing arts community in West Michigan.

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