A Love Letter to Love Letters

love letters

Written by: Abi Safago, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Canva

Dear Valentine’s Day candy, love letters, stuffed bears and all things tacky:

I adore you. 

You’ve been a staple of good memories over the years, even when I spent my Valentine’s single and shared it with my sisters. I will never become tired of the scent of roses or the flowers that filled my living room from my Dad to my Mom every year. 

Over the last few years, all of the gushy, tacky, over-the-top ways to show love for one another seem to have disappeared. In their place, are photos uploaded to Instagram with simple quotes about love. It makes my heart ache a bit. 

I genuinely love, no pun intended, seeing all the silly things people do for Valentine’s Day. 

I love the handmade cards, the small paintings and chocolates being sent in a stunning red heart-shaped box.   I miss the little things—like giving valentines to the whole classroom and secretly saving our favorite one for the person we thought was cute.

Over the years, I have watched people start to dislike this sweet and heartfelt holiday. 

People dislike “only showing off your love once a year” and think the celebration is invalid. People accuse the holiday of killing their diet. They say doing little things like buying chocolates is now done after the holiday so that they can get the clearance price.

I think we need to go back in time for this holiday. 

Decorate your apartments with lovely shades of pink and red, the rosy colors climbing your walls and doors. Cut out paper hearts and hang them on the wall like teachers would in elementary school. Eat chocolate covered strawberries with your friends or family if you don’t have a romantic partner. 

Write a poem or two about how another person makes you feel and gift it to them. Draw a picture for them— even if your art skills aren’t up to par, the meaning and effort behind it means so much more. 

It’s time to ditch one-line Instagram posts to celebrate. It’s time to leave behind all the embarrassing photos stored in Snapchat memories. 

It might feel nice to be shown off on Instagram but to a point it becomes a competition. Who can make the sappiest post? Who can make people laugh with goofy pictures or witty captions? Or even the worst: Why does this person only post about me on a convenient holiday? 

Stop resenting the holiday all about adoration and love, instead remind yourself of why you love it. 

Make it romantic, make the laughs worthwhile—even if it means printing all of those terrible or funny or beautiful pictures and just putting them in a photo album. 

If you’re single, buy yourself something delicious. Buy cozy socks, hot cocoa or tea, and love yourself a little extra that day. 

If your significant other is far away, write a love letter or draw a silly note to them—send love from hundreds of miles away.

Whatever it takes, make sure to celebrate.


Someone who adores all these dorky traditions.

IMG_4094 Abi Safago is a senior majoring in German and minoring in Journalism and Publications. Abi is also a published writer with Revue Magazine and is passionate about the impacts of bilingualism, sustainability, and the growing arts community in West Michigan.

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