All are welcome at CHWS’ Makers Circle


CHWS’ loom in progress

Story by Anna Johns, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Anna Johns

The Makers Circle has begun. Students are invited to take a break from their hectic schedules and join Jane Fabiano for knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

The Makers Circle is led by Jane Fabiano, who works as the receptionist at the Counseling, Health & Wellness Center, located in the lower Donnelly Center. She is a member of The Greater Grand Rapids Knitting Guild and excels in knitting, weaving and other fabric arts. She has graciously decided to share her talent with the students here at Aquinas. For years, she has been teaching students and staff how to knit, but now she has started an official Makers Circle.

“The goal of the Makers Circle is to build a community through a common interest and providing tools for self-care,” said Fabiano. The Health and Wellness Center always has the student’s best interest. Students are welcome to stop by anytime to enjoy the Center’s features, which include coloring, puzzles, relaxation techniques and occasional therapy dog visits. 

One of the newest features of the Center is the Weaving Loom. A loom is a simple tool to weave cloth and tapestry easily. Fabiano is willing to teach any student who wants to learn the craft. Students are encouraged to help create using the weaving loom. The finished product will be gifted in a raffle for students and staff.

Scientific studies have shown that fiber crafts are beneficial to improving your health. According to an article in Southern Living, research shows that knitting has the possibility of reducing depression and stress. The rhythmic and repetitive movements are proven to reduce stress for many. The activity is an excellent outlet for those with anxiety or looking to destress. It has also been proven to bring feelings of calmness and happiness. Knitting has also been shown to nourish the brain.

“Students can get involved by coming to one of our scheduled Makers Circle or by contacting our office at 616-632-2905 to schedule a time,” said Fabiano. However, students can also visit outside scheduled meetings for activities. Aside from knitting, they offer puzzles, coloring and a massage chair.

The Makers Circle is held at the Counseling, Health & Wellness Center. The next meeting will be held at 1 p.m on Feb. 26. All are encouraged to attend.

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