Dating Intentionally in a Casual World


Article by: Anna-JO Stuart, Opinion Editor

Photo Courtesy of Canva

I only date men that I think I could marry one day. If they don’t seem that they could one day be my husband or they cease to have that potential while I am dating them, I move on. 

Those are strong words in today’s culture of casual dating, but they are words that I value.  I often hear my peers talk about dating with the mindset that it’s a fun exchange. That, if they happen to find the “one” by accident through it all, that’s great. If not? That’s okay too.

Marriage and finding a partner for life is not their main concern in dating, but it is for me. My main focus is not just finding someone that I like and think of as being fun to be around.  My main focus is on finding a man who will grow with me through my life and the life we build together. I want to be with someone who wants similar things as me, who challenges me to be the best version of myself. It is great to find someone who fits this stage of my life, but I need someone who will fit all the stages of my life. I don’t want a boyfriend, I want a husband.

It seems that with the rise of dating apps our culture has glorified casual dating. It is almost like finding a lifetime partner is just left up to being a happy accident. The goals of dating are not long term anymore. Instead, they are focused on immediate gratification.

For me, it is important that dating is a way of finding out if a man aligns with the things I believe in. I am looking to build a life and a family with the person I am dating. Thus I seek those qualities. I don’t just hope that I will eventually find them. To each their own, but I don’t want to waste my time with casual dating. This Valentine’s my Valentine has the qualities of a husband.

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