Unpopular Opinion: Milk Before Cereal


Article by: Alejandra Medina, Columnist

Photo Courtesy of Canva

Cereal first, milk second. This method is taught to people wanting cereal to start their day. When I was younger, I never had a problem with this. However, as I grew up, I realized how much milk was left over, and how not every bowl tasted the same.

When I realized I was wasting milk, I took it as a sign to use the leftover milk to eat more cereal. Following the second bowl, there was little to no milk left over. This met my goal of not wasting milk. However, I did feel a bit too full after the second bowl, and the cereal started tasting weird as I ate it. 

As much as the second bowl method worked, I still wanted to love the taste of cereal and not make eating it feel like a chore. So, I decided to change up my cereal preparation entirely. Instead of going the “cereal first, milk second” route, I decided to try the “milk first, cereal second” route. This may be shocking, but I actually like this new method more. 

When we pour the cereal first and the milk second, we usually do not know how much milk is too much until we see it. Nobody takes the time to take out a measuring cup and measure out their milk. By pouring the milk first, you know how much is in there and can make sure it suits your preference of cereal-to-milk ratio.  

An argument for pouring milk first is that it ensures the cereal gets that soggy goodness. I love my cereal getting a little soggy, but I have overestimated in milk pouring before, and the sogginess can make me feel sick.  By pouring a decent amount of milk before the cereal, I am preventing a sad breakfast. 

Another argument I have heard is it is simply wrong to do milk first. For some reason, it has become the socially accepted norm that you are supposed to do cereal first, milk second. I want those who do the “milk first” method to know they are not wrong. Frankly, nobody should make a big fuss about how you prepare your cereal. What matters most is by the end of the process, you get to enjoy a delicious bowl of it.

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