Athlete spotlight: Grayson Harding

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Article by: Kat Steel, Reporter

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Whether it’s to win more matches, go to nationals or hold a new record student athletes try to work towards their goals. Senior Grayson Harding is no different. He broke a record at Aquinas College during a meet on Friday, Feb. 7 for the 1000-meter run.

When asked about how it felt to break the record, Harding stated “It feels great. It’s been something I’ve been trying to work for years in the 1000-meter.”

He went on to explain “The guy that used to hold the record, his name is Grant Gunnison and he went to my high school. So, like I knew that coming in, and I like really wanted to pass him. It’s been a couple years in the making, but I was really happy to get it.”

Harding has been running since high school and it is something he is naturally good at.  He also loves the competition and will miss being a part of the track and field team once he graduates.

Some of his inspiration comes from his twin who runs at the University of Michigan. With his athletic skills, it encourages Harding to have a competitive mindset. He wants to prove that he has the same athletic skills as his brother.

Harding mentioned two proverbs he lives by when asked what advice he would give to incoming athletes.

“ ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ It is a popular phrase which means anything crazy and anything that’s worth achieving, your work for pursuing it isn’t going to be given to you overnight. It’s not going to be given to you immediately,” Harding said.

The second proverb Harding mentioned was “We all stand on the shoulders of giants.”

“What that means is like whenever you’re going to go out on the track and other areas of life or going to pursue a project, there’s always people that have tried to do it before. You can learn from others to figure everything out on your own. There’s a lot of wisdom in trying to see what’s been done by some people that are more experienced and try to match their level of success,” Harding said.

Cross Country Head Coach and Assistant Track Coach, Mike Wojciakowski had some great things to say about Harding:

“With Grayson holding the #1 record for the 800 and #2 for the 1000 in the NAIA, it’s amazing and nothing surprises me about him because he is a hardworking athlete. I am excited to head to Nationals in South Dakota next week. For those coming in, listen to your coaches and listen to the upper classmen, because they are your leaders.”

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