The Fix on Netflix: “The Haunting of Hill House”


Story by Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Netflix

This point of the semester is a rough one. To escape the stress that we endure at this time, we should treat ourselves to a show or a film. If you’re looking to escape the horror that is midterms, my strong suggestion is to watch (or rewatch) the show “The Haunting of Hill House.” The show is inspired by the book written by Shirley Jackson— but it is inspired in the sense that it does not follow the book. The two are independent of one another. 

The first season of the show came out on Netflix in 2018, so there are currently 10 episodes available to watch. However, Season Two just wrapped production so there will be more to watch soon! While I personally would binge-watch the show, I understand that people take in and process horror differently, so you can also definitely watch a couple of episodes and take a break before you dive in to finish it.

If jump scares aren’t your thing, don’t worry, the show has only one in all ten episodes, and it’s towards the end of the season. I would never recommend a horror show or film whose only horror elements are cheap jump scares. If I were to think of a way to describe the type of horror in “Hill House,” it would be a more family-friendly version of “Hereditary.”

The show is one of my personal favorites that came out in 2018, and after a rewatch this semester in between assignments, it still remains at the top of my list. The cast, from the children to the adults, did a marvelous job with the material. Underneath the horror is the theme of how people cope with trauma and the loss of a loved one. The horror elements are supplemental, they put things into perspective in terms of dealing with these feelings years after the event happened.  

So, if you ever see yourself wanting to watch something on Netflix, watch “The Haunting of Hill House.” After all, despite what the film industry wants you to think, horror is a year-round genre. You don’t have to wait until October to enjoy a show such as this.


Esperanza Garcia is a senior at Aquinas College, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Women Studies. In her free time, she enjoys watching films and reading thriller books.


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