Five fool-proof ways to survive social distancing


Story by Jayden Jones, Opinion Intern
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I’ve never been more thankful for technology than I have in the past few weeks. Whether I’ve been seeking distraction, entertainment or consolation, I’ve been able to find it all on the internet. Whether you’re trying to stay sane or you just need a good laugh, here are five things on the internet that will help fight off the boredom (and keep you from checking the news every five seconds).


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1. Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show: At Home Edition

 Jimmy Fallon, host of “The Tonight Show” has heroically committed to posting one mini-episode per day. These lighthearted episodes feature guest stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Niall Horan and, more importantly, his two adorable little daughters. Need another reason to watch? Every episode highlights a different charity, from Feed America to Meals on Wheels. Click here to watch.



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2. Some “quarantunes” for your listening pleasure 

Whether you’re feeling lonely, anxious, or you just want to dance, here is a quarantine-specific playlist for your listening pleasure.




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3. Take advantage of those endorphins with Nike Training Club 

Nike has made all workouts on the Nike Training Club app free. You can choose from a nice fifteen minute yoga flow or the HIIT workout of your life. Regardless, it’s a great way to improve your mood and make you feel more productive (albeit sweaty). 




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4. Tired of Facetiming your friends? Try quizzing them

If you visit you can make your own personalized quiz and send it to all your friends to see who knows you best. 




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5. Binge, binge, and keep on bingeing

Been meaning to watch a show but haven’t gotten around to it? Now’s the perfect time. I’ve been catching up on “Jane the Virgin” myself, but I’d also highly recommend “Cheer,” “The Crown” and (of course) “The Great British Baking Show.” 

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