“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” a comforting reminder during uncertain times


Story by Anna-JO Stuart, Opinion Editor
Photo courtesy

Looking for something heartwarming and relatable during these uncertain times? Look no further than the touching dramedy “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” on Hulu (the show originally aired on Freeform.) The series follows a young Australian gay man, Nicholas, who becomes the legal guardian of his two teenage American half-sisters, Matilda and Genevieve, after their father dies from cancer.

Nicholas is an eccentric character. He is an entomologist (he studies bugs) who is now responsible for two teenage girls. He offers hilarious yet loving guidance to his sisters, navigating the craziness that comes with puberty alongside them. They become a strong unit as they process grief, love and a new way of life together. Nicholas becomes his sisters’ biggest advocate, and it’s adorable to watch him grow to care so much for them. 

While he is not trying to learn how to parent teenage girls, he is also falling in love with a man named Alex. Their relationship grows into an unexpected love story, filled with plenty of comedic events, as Nicholas learns how to seriously love someone.

That’s not the only storyline that warms the heart of viewers. Matilda, the older of the two sisters,  is on the autism spectrum. Throughout the series, she works to defy peoples’ expectations as she navigates love, being independent, and being a musical prodigy. It is beautiful to watch her character develop into so much more than an autism stereotype.

Matilda isn’t the only one with a coming-of-age story. Genevieve, the youngest sibling, begins the show as a young girl who feels overshadowed by the needs of her sister. Then the audience watches as she grows into a young woman though, of course, this comes with all the relatable hiccups associated with growing up. 

“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” is a beautiful show filled with character depth and growth. I believe it’s a great show to watch right now, because it’s filled with important and serious themes, but adds hope and humor to them. I believe this is the truest way to depict life, because life may be a dramedy filled with hardship, but still, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.”

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