No sports? No problem: How to stay active in quarantine


Article by Kait Goodenough, Sports Editor

Photo Courtesy of Kait Goodenough, Sport Editor

COVID-19 has caused a huge disturbance to many high school, college and professional sports seasons. With a majority of the spring 2020 sport seasons canceled or postponed, what can we do to satisfy our competitive nature and love of sports?

Below is a list of some ideas to help you stay active during your quarantine!

Outdoor activities:

  • Go hammocking
    • The weather is finally starting to warm up as we move closer to summer, so it’s a perfect time to grab your hammock and pick a day to enjoy the weather.
  • Take a hike
    • Use the free AllTrails app to find places to hike near you!
  • Play catch
    • Grab whoever you are quarantined with and toss a ball or frisbee around!
    • If you have a frisbee, you can even use a trashcan or other container for makeshift disc golf.

Indoor activities:

  • Do in-home workouts
    • No gym? No biggie! Search for workouts on Youtube and do them anywhere in your living space. Use items around your house as weights. Soup cans and jugs of laundry detergent are great substitutes! Here is a link to some great home workouts to get you started!
    • You can also turn this into a “Spring Cleaning Workout” by stopping every 10 minutes or between tasks to do a quick exercise such as 20 lunges or 15 pushups.
    • Get lonely and need a workout buddy? FaceTime, Zoom chat or Google Hangouts with your friends and workout together virtually.
  • Practice Yoga and or Meditation
    • Yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and help you relax. Check out these beginner yoga videos to get started.
  • Play Wii games
    • Missing sports? Get a Wii Sports tournament going with whoever you’re living with! Or break out the Just Dance and make it a dancing competition.
  • Have a game night
    • Get whoever you are quarantined with together for a game night. Play some board games or learn a new card game. Find rules to a Midwestern favorite here!

Indoor/Outdoor activities:

  • Make an obstacle course
    • Move around some furniture or use materials from outside to make a (SAFE!) at home obstacle course.
  • Practice your trick shots
    • All you need is a ball and something to throw it into. Ping pong balls with plastic cups or a basketball with a hoop are good options. Check out some awesome trick shots here!
  • Do a scavenger hunt
    • Create your very own scavenger hunt for you and your quarantined buddies to do in your house or yard.


What other people have been doing:

  • Quarantine Hurdles
    • Are you stocked up on the TP? Some people have made videos of their cat or dog completing jumps over stacks of toilet paper like in this video. Try this out on your pet or quarantine buddy with any soft, safe objects you may have at home!
  • Fridge Water Challenge
    • Families have become inventive in creating in-home competitions. The Fridge Water Challenge is a great example of this. All you need is a fridge that dispenses drinking water, a short glass and a straw. The goal of this game is to prevent the water from overflowing out of the cup by drinking through the straw as fast as you can. To play, put the glass under the fridge with the straw in place and have a family/house member time you.  The longest time wins.  If you don’t have a fridge that dispenses water, you’re out of luck with this one. You can still watch other people try it here though!
  • Toilet Paper Challenge
    • Grab yourself a roll of that precious TP and practice your soccer skills like these soccer stars did!
  • TikTok dances
    • New dances keep popping up on the internet so why not learn one or two? Here is a list of 21 popular dances to learn.

Despite being stuck at home, there are plenty of ways you can remain active during this time. Try some of these out to pass the time and get through the quarantine!

As with any activities you choose to do, please remember to follow the governor’s executive orders, practice social distancing and take care of yourself!

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