Views of vacancy: how the pandemic affects college life

Photos by Anna Schlutt, Staff Writer

On March 12, Aquinas College made the transition to distance learning. Since then, Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order No. 2020-21 has further reduced in-person campus services. As we practice social distancing, the campus has emptied of students and most faculty and staff. Staff Writer and Photographer Anna Schlutt took pictures documenting life on campus during the pandemic.

view of the athletic field from the logo of Aquinas' mascot on the turfView of the empty athletic field from the fenceview of the empty athletic field from behind the goalsview from a closed window of the empty Wegeinterior of the Moose Café, chairs stacked on top of each otherLibrary closedSign reading "The Art and Music Center is Currently Closed"No bikesSign reading "All Aquinas Residential Facilities Are Now Closed"The ID scanner to get into the buildings with a red lightView of the empty parking lot in front of Campus Safety

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