Reality TV: an acceptable form of entertainment or just pure garbage?

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Article by Anna Johns, Reporter
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I am proud to admit I have never fallen victim to watching classic reality TV shows like “The Bachelor” or “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. However, I have watched all 8 seasons of “Dance Moms,” so I consider myself a reality TV aficionado.

My first taste of reality TV began with the TLC show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. At just eight years old, I was infatuated with the life of the Gosselins. I became attached to them and couldn’t help but feel I was part of the family. I did feel it was odd that a family would invite a camera crew into their home to film such prominent moments of their children’s lives. I always wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes and have your entire childhood filmed for all to see. 

As I got older I came across several reality shows, but none ever grabbed my attention as much as “Dance Moms.” I always enjoyed the petty fights, friendships, and rivalries the show had to offer. “Dance Moms” takes a look into the chaotic world of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Though I am a huge fan of the show I have always questioned the series’ authenticity. Like many shows, “Dance Moms” is notorious for claims of being staged. I have always ignored these claims because I found them hard to accept.

Though some may look down on the scripting of reality shows, I personally see nothing wrong with them. I feel that reality shows are purely for entertainment. Without scripting, the show would be boring. Most reality TV are drama-filled episodes that we can’t help but love. 

As a viewer, I see reality TV is an addiction, an obsession that could reflect our society. Reality TV has never reflected everyday life but rather what we believe life should be: we crave the drama of the lavish lifestyles portrayed on the screen. In the end, I believe reality TV is purely for the sole purpose of entertainment and it is okay to indulge. 


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