Six Degrees of Separation: How to stay connected to friends during COVID-19

Story By Hannah Lashbrook, Culture Editor

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As quarantine continues on, it can be difficult to stay away from our friends or family who we may not be able to see. Of course it is imperative that everyone tries to keep each other safe; however, how long can we reasonably go before our human needs kick in? Luckily, in the midst of these trying times, there are more and more options to continue to stay connected and ease our separation anxieties. Here are some fan favorite options that my friends and family always use to ease the quarantine blues.

  1. Have a Netflix Party!

Netflix Party is a great option for those who miss binge watching their favorite TV shows with their friends. With this chrome extension, you’re able to watch whatever your heart desires (and your Netflix subscription has access to) at the same time as your friends or family members. 

  1. Start a book club!

If you’re into reading, this idea is great for this long term isolation. Call your friends and create a list of books you want to read or add some of your established favorites. Set up a timeline and get to reading! You can have weekly Zoom discussions to keep connected!

  1. Virtual Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are always a great source of entertainment. Whether you just know a lot of tedious information or you just like to have a good time, trivia games always come in clutch. Fortunately, online trivia games are readily available. It’s as easy as creating your own questions and challenging your friends.

  1. Go to a Drive-In Movie!

Going to the movies is probably the thing my family misses most about pre-quarantine life. Seeing a movie at the theatre is a whole other experience to have, but something that has made this easier is the Pop-Up Drive-In theatres around the state. Celebration Cinema has created a pop up location at their North theatre so we all can continue to have a safe movie going experience. 

  1. Have a Virtual Dinner Party!

A great way to create more interaction with your friends is to have a virtual dinner party. Challenge your friends to make new recipes or make some of your favorites together. Join each other over Zoom or Google Hangouts and get to cooking!

  1. Become Pen Pals

Just because we live in a world of virtual interactions does not mean you can’t have some old fashioned fun. Becoming pen pals with a family member or friend you can’t see could be a fun way of staying connected and documenting your quarantine adventures! If you are feeling especially motivated, you can always find someone you don’t know to be pen pals with as well. 

Although the end of the pandemic seems to be uncertain, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to find new ways to live our lives as normally as possible. With these reinvented activities, our six degrees of separation seem a little less daunting.

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