Students sound off on COVID-19: interviews from an athlete, intern, and online student

Story by Kat Steel, Reporter

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the students this year, especially the seniors. Athletes will miss the traditions they’ve had with their teammates in the past, but other students with jobs might find it convenient because they won’t be late and rush to class to be on time. The interviews with the following students range from their life in sports, balancing a job and a student who is doing online learning herself.

Kylie Christensen, who is on the women’s volleyball team, shared her experience with how the team was affected with COVID and her attitudes towards the team. “Overall I think it doesn’t hurt anyone to wear a mask, so I’m totally fine with doing my part and wearing one,” Christensen said. The team has been able to workout and prepare for the upcoming season next semester, but COVID has made a big issue with the team’s progress. “It has definitely taken a big toll on the progress of our team,” Christensen said. “Even just bonding as a team, we haven’t been able to get together and really get to know our new teammates.”

Nicole Estrada is taking all of her classes online this year, and she shared her experience with us. Some students like her may not feel comfortable sitting in close quarters with other students, and professors are understanding about this. They have been flexible and have helped create a convenient learning environment for her. Although there have been some difficulties with WiFi and other technical issues, it has made her feel safer and she’s learning a lot more for what she is paying for her education.  

Many students with jobs on or off campus may find it convenient to have the online option for classes. Jasmine Stroh, who works at the Corner Cafe and has an internship in Fremont, shares her experience with online learning. All of her classes are online, and she is thankful to have this option because of her commitments. If she is at the Corner or her internship, she finds an empty office or room to log onto her class. Although she doesn’t mind wearing a mask, she does find the generic blue masks harder to breathe. She said that she is only allowed to wear those masks as opposed to cloth masks. 

The University of Michigan and Michigan State are all online this year. Although Aquinas is a small college in comparison, the rates are still rising and it is scary that the school can potentially alter their decision and send students home.  Aquinas has done a great job with keeping small class sizes and following all guidelines. 

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