Applause for Anniversary: Bryson Tiller album review

Story by Macayla Jones, Reporter

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Looking for an artist to listen to while avoiding homework? Or on the flip side, new bops to fill the background while finishing homework? Have no fear, because Bryson Tiller’s new album is here! This album has been on my bucket list to listen to since it came out earlier this month. Which is kind of funny because I had never listened to Bryson Tiller before. Nevertheless, my friends were giving it rave reviews and I wanted to join the party. And I do not have any regrets!

Anniversary by Bryson Tiller is filled with R&B tracks that are perfect for late night drives, dancing in your room, or skating with friends. So basically the ultimate vibe check. Bryson plays around with complimenting his relationships with also critiquing things that he wishes he could change, or at least improve. His smooth and sultry voice mixed with his compelling beats will keep your attention all the way through.

However, one of the critiques I would have for this album is that a few of the songs sounded that same. Even though there were intriguing beats to coincide with the majority of the tracks, I found myself finding it hard to decipher the songs between each other.

However, the listener can still tell Bryson put his heart and soul into these songs. You can interpret this album as a pure reflection of his heart over the years, with the ups and downs that comes with most relationships. This “anniversary” could symbolize these reflections and memories accompanied with regrets and wishes for his past actions.

Individuals who are currently in or have been in relationships can relate to Bryson’s message throughout the album, all the pain and passion that comes with caring for someone important to you. On a scale out of 10, I would give this album a solid 6/10, because the listener can respect the content and work put behind the feelings in each song; however the repetition in the sound became bothersome. There were only about 2-3 songs that really stood out to me as the listener regarding their structure, rhythm and sound which was frustrating at times because I believe Bryson has the potential to break that mold. But as said before, you would not hesitate in adding 80% of the songs off this album to a night drive playlist. They truly are vibes that make you feel good, especially when your mind is wondering.

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