Notes on the final presidential debate

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by Emmaline Marion Ann Estes, Reporter

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As many people know, the first presidential debate was a complete disaster in terms of candidates talking over each other and interrupting one another. It seemed as though it was more of a family argument than a presidential debate. In comparison, this debate was more civilized than the last, but still had your usual interruptions here and there. This debate was held in Nashville, Tennessee and the moderator was Kristen Welker. 

One of the questions asked by Welker was about climate change, to which President Trump responded saying “We already have the cleanest air and the crispest waters”. Biden disagreed and responded to the President, “Science is real and climate change is real”. Neither candidate has proven to do anything on the matter of climate change or have spoken about fracking in their campaign besides Biden, but he wasn’t very clear on the matter. 

On the issue of systematic racism, the President responded saying, “I’m the least racist person in the room”. Whether you believe this is true or not, Biden brought up that racism is a big issue and is a large part of his campaign. He said he has never had to have “the talk” with his parents about how to act around a police officer in order not to get shot. Biden has spoken about his plans to help reduce the injustice being caused in America toward members of the Black, Brown, or Indigenous communities; the President has not. 

Whichever candidate you vote for, be smart about who you choose. Both candidates have strengths and weaknesses and you need to do some research to decide which candidate would fit best in office. It’s highly recommended you do the research yourself and get the information from reliable sources.  But most of all: Get out there and vote!

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