COVID-19 cases on Aquinas campus

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by Emmaline Estes, reporter

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COVID-19 is becoming a bigger and bigger problem everyday, not only in schools but in the United States in general. Just about every U.S. school is taking preventative measures as much as possible. Colleges in Michigan, specifically the Grand Rapids area, have had very large numbers of COVID-19, some as large as 600+ cases and growing. As of November 10, Aquinas is up to 52 cases overall and 19 active cases. 

In President Kevin Quinn’s most recent email address to staff and students, he stated, “Although our cases have increased, it is believed that the reported cases are unrelated and not the result of community spread on campus. To date, no exposures have been directly linked to Aquinas classes.” This means there were no COVID-19 cases that came directly from Aquinas’ campus and came from outside places. 

In the email, President Quinn provided a few links for more information on the pandemic. These sources are from Aquinas’ own COVID-19 wellbeing page where students can stay up to date on Aquinas’ regulations and precautions and also have up to date information on the COVID cases on campus. 

According to one of the sources on the COVID-19 page, those that are feeling sick should:

  • Stay home unless in need of medical care
  • Separate from others
  • Monitor symptoms
  • Call ahead before seeing a doctor
  • Wear a cloth face covering
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Wash hands often
  • Avoid sharing items
  • Clean all high-touch surfaces regularly

For any more information on Aquians’ handle on COVID-19 visit:

As President Quinn stated, if feeling sick, please get tested as soon as possible, separate from others and wear a face mask. Once testing positive for COVID-19, one must alert the school and immediately start quarantining.

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