Joe Biden wins the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Story by Zach Avery, News and Managing Editor

Screenshot taken from ABC News

After three whole days of uncertainty following election night on Nov. 3, former Vice President Joe Biden has been awarded the electoral college points needed to cross the 270-point threshold from his childhood home state, Pennsylvania, and he has won the 2020 Presidential Election. 

This climactic finish was just the final note of an already incredibly close and election. As absentee and early-vote ballots were being counted in highly contested states like Michigan and Wisconsin, the American people were forced to wait days before hearing concrete results. Word of formerly red states in 2016 now turning blue in 2020, such as the two states previously mentioned, put Biden at a compelling lead over incumbent Donald Trump. For many news coverage organizations, it seemed like only a matter of time before the former vice president garnered enough votes to put his win into certainty. 

A record 103 million citizens of the United States voted in this year’s presidential election, with 75 million of those votes going to now President-Elect Biden (the most ever cast on a presidential candidate). President Trump holds the record for second-most votes in a U.S. presidential race with 71 million votes.

History has been made with Kamala Harris becoming the first Black, first South Asian and first woman to hold the title of vice president of the United States. This marks Harris as the highest-ranking woman ever in the U.S. government. 

For the Democratic ticket’s first address to the American public as the now president and vice-president elect, Harris introduced Biden as “a president for all Americans” and a leader that would bring the nation together after many years of blind partisanship. President-Elect Biden introduced his administration as a season and time of healing for America. 

Donald Trump has not given an official concession in this election, and his campaign has begun to pursue avenues of potential litigation against Joe Biden and the several states who had turned to Biden’s favor after the continual counting of legitimately cast absentee and early-vote ballots. It is unclear whether or not President Trump will continue to deny the results of the election following the expected failure of some of his legal suits.

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