Clouds: Movie review

Story by Kat Steel, Reporter

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“What some people take for granted, others are fighting for.” 

Many people tend to not be grateful for things they have and want more. In the new movie Clouds, Zach Sobiech fights for his life against cancer before dying at the age of 18. He fought hard for four years and over 20 treatments of chemotherapy; however, this did not stop him from living life and enjoying it with the people he loved and that cared for him.

Clouds is based on the true story of Zach Sobiech, who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, which is a rare terminal bone cancer primarily found in men. Although he passed away seven years ago on May 20th, Warner Brothers created this film in 2016.

Being only 17 and having a few months to live, he tries to find ways to live life to the fullest with his friends, family, and his girlfriend. In the movie, Zach and his friend, Sammy Brown, wrote music together and posted their song “Fix Me Up” on YouTube. Although they received thousands of views, Zach was on the fence about becoming a famous duo because he was dying. Sammy was upset by this but his teacher, Milton Weaver, decided to share the video with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) which is an organization licensee that shares music to different businesses with permission from the songwriter or publisher.

They flew to New York to sign with the company and named their band A Firm Handshake. After recording a few tracks, Zach and Sammy were given the opportunity to perform at the Metro Theater. Given the news that Zach has a few weeks left, they thought about cancelling the show for the sake of his health. Knowing that he may not make it to prom or graduation, they decided to go with the concert.

Fin Argus was perfect to play Zach Sobiech. Knowing that a loved one or friend is suffering terminal illness is truly heartbreaking. Seeing the morning illness that Zach had from chemo treatments in Clouds was eye opening and devastating. Additionally, holding the concert at the Metro Theater with his friends and family was a very powerful scene. Not only was it to celebrate prom and graduation, but also the start of the Zach Sobiech Foundation to raise funds for those who need treatment for Osteosarcoma. Although Zach was unable to finish the song, the crowd started to sing. This was by far the best scene of the movie because his school had supported him knowing that they were unable to celebrate the two upcoming events at school. 

Besides the pain and suffering displayed in the movie, one of the hardest moments seen was when Zach and his loved ones were in Paris. When having a heart to heart with his older brother, he thought that God was punishing him having to live with cancer. In reality, cancer is not a punishment and God does not punish people. In his essay at the end of the film, Zach states “You don’t have to find you’re dying to start living.” Without the chance to go to college, cancer was not going to get in the way of living senior year. For those who loved The Fault in Our Stars or Five Feet Apart, I recommend this movie. Although it is sad seeing a kid who struggles with cancer, it teaches everyone to live life and to enjoy the little things in life more as well as the people we share life with.

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