Vacation at the Moose

The outdoor “A.Q.P.B. on Vacay” event at the Cook Carriage House.

Story and Photos by Lila Letica

The absence of spring break, along with Zoom fatigue, has taken a toll on students this year. So the Aquinas College Programming Board took it upon themselves to create a Hawaiian themed party inside and outside of the Moose. There were over a hundred participants filtering in and out to get fun Hawaiian-themed food and drinks. While the sky was gloomy, and the chill in the air had returned, the vibrant Hawaiian shirts, leis, and decorations brightened up the front of the Cook Carriage House.

Team members of Creative Dining Services helped create a menu consisting of Hawaiian rolls with pulled pork, egg rolls, and Spam donuts (way better than they sound). Along with the food tent outside, indoors the Moose had four special “Spring Break” drinks. The most popular was the “Taro Coconut Boba,” which was a tea with coconut milk and tapioca pearls. The inside of the Moose was the busiest it’s been all year, with two of our beloved baristas hard at work joining in the festivities. 

Outside the “friendly” corn hole competition was underway. The few teams were very competitive and energized by their on-lookers and friends from tables. The tables had decorations and were filled with people eating and talking. The heaters nearby assisted in creating the “spring break feeling” the event was going for. If you stood directly under one, closing your eyes, listening to the laughter and shouts around it felt somewhat similar to the Florida trip we’re all desperately in need of.

L – R: Rebecca Beltran, Hannah Lashbrook, Jack Walsh, and Shekira Edgar

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