Aquinas Athlete Spotlight: Nathan Hughes

Article by Lorenzo Serrato, Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of Nathan Hughes

Sports Editor Lorenzo Serrato caught up with first basemen Nathan Hughes of the Aquinas Baseball team.

Why baseball at Aquinas?

“I chose Aquinas to play baseball because I knew Aquinas had an outstanding academic reputation. On my visit, the coaches expressed how flexible they are with players schedule’s and that class is always top priority. As someone pursuing a career in medicine with a rigorous course load, it made the decision fairly easy.”

Who has influenced you the most in your playing career?

“My dad has influenced me the most in my career because he was always willing to throw me batting practice or hit me ground balls know matter the weather or time of day. My mom has also been vital for always believing in me. Both of my parents have missed very few of my games ever since I started playing at the age of four, so they have always been so helpful in my career.”

Favorite thing about the baseball team?

“My favorite thing about the baseball team is that we can have fun on and off the field. I owe most of my college memories to the relationships I have built because of baseball.”

Best memory so far?

“My best memory is hard to choose but it would come down to my first homerun against Davenport as a freshmen, or hitting four homeruns in a double header at the start of this season.”

Favorite inspirational quote?

“Persistence is the key to success.” 

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